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Explore South Crete

The south part of the island is for sure one of the most amazing and pure areas of Crete.

Crete is exceptional in many ways – it is the largest Greek island, has the most diverse mix of landscapes, and has its own unmistakable culture and atmosphere. The wild vegetation, breathtaking views of the Psiloritis Mountain, secluded bays, crystal clear waters, and long sandy beaches are just a few of the memories you will collect during your holidays. Here you can read about the archaeological sites, the wonderful beaches, and secluded coves, the villages of the Messara plain, the Asterousia mountain range, and the southern mountain region of Psiloritis, the highest mountain of the island of Crete.
Just a few kilometers west of the palace of Phaistos you can visit the ruins of the royal villa, the small Minoan palace in
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